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     Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Some answers are on other pages, but you can always return here by using the drop down navigation menu at the top of the page, your browser back button, or the text links provided on other pages.

     Q. I am unfamiliar with internet terminology. Can you define some of the terms used on your site?
     A. On our site, you can click on any technical term that is italicized and underlined (hyperlink, for example). You will get another small window that has a definition of the term, courtesy of When you are done, close the window to return to this page.

     Q. Why do I want a website?
     A. Please go to the Why Get a Website page.

     Q. How long will it take to activate my site?
     A. Depending on various factors (how many pages, do you need to register your own domain name, etc.), it will take from 24 hours to several weeks to post your finished site. We only go live with your site when you are 100% satisfied and ready to proceed. If you only need hosting and not website design, you can be ready to go in about 24 hours.

     Q. How much will a website cost?
     A. A Starter homepage for your website designed by us will cost approximately $500. Prices increase from there, with more value added and services included as the number of pages and complexity of the site increases. To get a customized quote, please contact us.

     Q. Why should I pay someone else to create and maintain my website?
     A. You may say to yourself, "I can make my own website." We say more power to you, we hope you have found valuable resources on our site to assist you. Most find it more practical to outsource than to pay for their own or their employees' man-hours to develop, host, maintain, and update a quality website. Many have internal staff dedicated to existing projects, and are unable to find the resources to do it in-house. We have quite a variety of affordable packages that can quickly be adapted to fit your budget and requirements. 

If you have any questions regarding Resource Management, Inc. or the information you have seen on this site, please contact us for an immediate response.
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