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     Why should you have a website?

     Good question. There are hundreds of reasons, ranging from "It will reinforce and enhance your company's image" to "You will recover the cost many times over during the course of a year." But the best answer is that you can't afford NOT to have a website that works FOR you, 24 hours a day.

     Cases in point:, originally founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo when they were at Stanford University, is the leading internet search engine. They are the most used site from the work place, with millions of page views a day, and provide a much needed resource to internet users.
Dell Computer is now a global computer manufacturing powerhouse, built from the ground up by Michael Dell. They are the #1 corporate computer provider, and the #2 overall computer manufacturer. Their niche is custom building computers, which is perfect for online sales. They currently book $14 million in sales DAILY on their website, and plan to book 50% of their future business online!

     No one says your online endeavors will be as successful as the above examples, but a well-designed site will put you on a level playing field with the largest of companies. Let Resource Management, Inc. create a website for you that serves as a competitive advantage.

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