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     The website success checklist is designed to lead you through logical steps that will help you define your company's venture online. At a minimum, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the type of questions we will ask during the website development process. Comprehensive planning for your website gives your company focus, objectives, and a roadmap to success. The steps outlined below make the difference between a successful marketing tool and a waste of time and money. Our development process includes interaction with you to complete the steps outlined below.
Pick a Domain Name
         Is the one you want available?
Strategy and Planning
         What is your intent online?
Market Research and Analysis
         Who is your online audience?
Goals and Objectives
         What results will you achieve?
Creating A Vision
         How do you get there from here?
Web Strategies
         How will technology support your vision?
On-line Sales Strategy
         How will you enhance your offline bottom line?
Content Development
         What type of information and tools will you offer?
Website Design
         What appearance and image will you maintain?
Marketing / Site Promotion
         How will you capitalize on your online presence?
Monitor and update the site
         How do you keep a fresh, interactive presence?
         Make technology work 24 hours a day for you!
     If you have any questions or need assistance with website success, please contact us for an immediate response.

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