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     Use the following form to submit information on warranty headsets only. This will allow us to provide express service for replacement headsets. Required fields are in red. If email does not apply, leave in the default email address. If fax number does not apply, please type "none."
First Name:
Last Name:
Shipping Address:
State:    Zip/Postal:
Country (If not US):
Phone #:
Fax #:

     In most cases, replacement headsets are shipped second day air. So, once you receive your tracking number from us, you should receive advance replacements within 2-4 days. Once you receive your replacements, box up only the defective units (which you have listed below) for return.

     A copy of your list will be emailed back to you with a PO/Tracking number, assigned by Resource Management. DO NOT SEND BACK YOUR DEFECTIVE UNITS UNTIL YOU GET YOUR ASSIGNED NUMBER. Upon receiving your reply, please remember to enclose it in the box with the headsets you are returning. If you have not completed, or do not understand this process, please call Charles at 704.756.5446.

Headsets are shipped back to:

Plantronics Quick Web Program
Attention: LeAnn Doyle
345 Encinal Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

     Enter your headset date code, quantity for return, and select your headset model below. For each different model or date code you need to return, move to the next row of data and reenter the code, quantity, and model. See below for more information on how to find the date code on your headset.

Headset Date Code
Quantity for return
Choose headset model

Date Codes may be found on the headsets as follows:

Cordless/wireless models have a 1 year warranty from the date printed. The date code is on the bottom of the base unit, below the model number, in an alpha-numeric code. See key below:

B  ==                Base

A-L  ==             Month  A Jan   L Dec

7    ==              Year    

Headband models have the date codes underneath the ear cushion on the mic side.

Over the ear models have the date code on the ear capsule.

The number printed on the plastic cord on some models is a serial number for your reference only and is not to be used on this form.

Newer model headsets have actual dates, older ones have date codes.

ALL PLANTRONICS H-SERIES HEADSETS HAVE A 2 YEAR WARRANTY FROM THE DATE STAMPED ON EACH UNIT. The exception is when a headset has already been replaced and all replacements have a 1 year warranty.

Date codes are read as follows: The last digit is the year of manufacture, the digit before that is the month, the digit(s) before that are the headset model. For example, 5N98 is a model H51N manufactured in September 1998, and under warranty until September 2000. Each month, January through September, is 1 through 9, and October, November, and December are A, B, and C respectively.

Headsets that have already been replaced may have a date code beginning with the letter D for January, E Feb and so on.  Remember, all of those have a 1 year warranty.

     If you need assistance determining warranty status, model number, or have any additional comments/questions, please type your message here:


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