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 Your special pricing is shown below. Click on the product to see a detailed product description, and click on the model to see a large picture of the product.  Each will open in a new window. You will soon be able to order online directly from this page.

Model Product Price
H31CD StarSet $71.56
H41 Mirage $62.61
H41N Mirage-NC $74.11
H141N DuoSet® Noise-Canceling $66.44
HW251 SupraPlus Wideband Mono $58.77
HW251N SupraPlus Wideband Mono-NC $70.28
HW261 SupraPlus Wideband Bi $75.38
HW261N SupraPlus Wideband Bi-NC $84.33
H81 TriStar $79.22
H81N TriStar-NC $89.44
HW710N EncorePro Mono-NC $92.00
HW720N EncorePro Bi-NC $107.33
H171N DuoPro NC $85.61

Savi Office Convertible Headset System

CS540 Wireless Office Headset System $204.44
CS510 Wireless Professional Headset System Noise-Canceling (monaural)  $210.83
CS520 Wireless Professional Headset System Noise-Canceling (binaural)  $223.61
38350-13 Savi EHS, CS520 Cable APC-43
(required for all cordless units used with Cisco)
CA12-CDS CA12CD PTT Adapter (911 Center use) $376.94
HL10 Handset Lifter $75.00
A10 Cable Converter $36.95
M22 Modular Adapter $76.67
MX10 Telephone/PC Universal Amplifier $95.83
P10 Plug Prong Adapter $70.28
Pistol Grip PTT (911 Center use) $112.44

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